Time To Breathe

As luck would have it – the first new song I start writing happens to come to me at the exact moment I get quite ill and sniffly. And because I’m *insane* or something, that didn’t stop me finishing. I’ll have to wait until I’m better to record the vocals properly – but thankfully it doesn’t hurt too much to sing today, so I’ve bashed out a relatively acceptable vocal part (although there is some clipping that I can’t be bothered to fix on it) for… my own amusement and memory, with the help of plenty of water. Since that is required for both singing and recovering from an ill.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, lets start with what inspired this song. It’s actually for a brief that I saw on taxi, asking for fairly generic Singer-songwriter songs in the vein of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. So of course I went straight for my electric guitar for that understated, yet somehow epic and emotional vibe. I kinda liked the idea of doing this because I’ve also had in the back of my mind that I should write more ballads. And this seemed a good opportunity to practice writing and producing songs that are more stripped down and simplistic.

Sometimes I labour over chords forever and search for the perfect guitar riff to start the piece off with, but this one had a much more fluid writing process. Last night I wrote the chords and basic song structure, and left the lyrics and melody to do today – which I usually struggle though. But this particular taxi listing is due in on the 2nd of November so I wanted to get some words down without hesitating too much.

The words are actually based on something I saw on a TV show this morning. It seemed apt as this particular brief is for TV, and also – I’ve been thinking about doing more lyrics based on narratives from film and TV as it seems like a big shortcut. When I write about myself, I understand all the complexities and I’m concerned with giving an inaccurate depiction of the situation (which is almost always what happens to be honest, as songs are best when they’re dramatised). And also it helps me write something relatable – someone else has already decided what people will relate to, so I don’t have to give a stray thought to that one.

So the song is, simply put, about being betrayed / lied to by someone you love – and knowing that you want to move past it and work through the emotions, but that at the time all you’re doing is fighting and you know that nothing constructive will come of this until you can both go away and think things through alone. I left the song fairly open to interpretation, so some might think it’s about breaking up or something. And I’m happy for that to be some people’s interpretation of it.

I think that’s all I want to say about the lyrics for now. Although I’m not entirely sure about the last line – it was entirely improvised.


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