Just a little web design update.

I was inspired by something I saw in waterstones today. It was a random fashion book that caught my eye, called “To Die for: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World”. It was just simple. Black on white. With this coat hanger logo. All just so simple, but evocative. It sparked my imagination at least.

So now I’m researching iframes as they seem to be what I will need to create my new vision… which is going to be an apple tree in the centre of the page (centering the tree will be what the iframe will be used as), and I will make the apples into links that will light up as you move the cursor over them. Only problem here is that if I want to have pages within the page that change as you click the navigation links… agh, ok maybe this is more complicated than i initially thought. But I’ll work it out. We’ll see.


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