The Chalkboard

It is the eve of my 23rd birthday, and I’ve spent all day on photoshop.

Tomorrow, my second album – Sugar Free – is to be released on iTunes etc and I thought the event warranted a new design for my website,

Recently I’ve had a few ideas for my online presence as a musician. And one of them was to start a new blog devoted to my music progress. I thought these two ideas would meld together quite well – I can have my WordPress built into the new site. My old blog was only visible on the front page of my site before and was easily neglected as that meant I had to indulge in a whole load of html and ftp faff to update it. I was also convinced that nobody would ever look at it.

So the new website seems to have taken on a bit of a Chalkboard-esque theme. I’m currently debating over keeping the hand-drawn tree I enjoyed from the last version of the site, but perhaps I should think of a way to make it a slightly less prominent feature of the site. But I’m really enjoying the way it’s looking now, as a result of my use of the stumpy preset in white over black. I think I might name this blog after the look in fact.

The first thing I got to work on was basically a portal page to link in my site with all the external sites I use – youtube, facebook etc. Since most of my material is spread out on a combination of these sites. I don’t want my site to be too cluttered with sub-pages so I’ve decided to keep it to this page, a page called “buy”, a page called “listen”, and a link to my online guestbook. Last time I made the mistake of attempting to build various useless pages, a lot of which I really didn’t make use of. If you have a browse around the site now you might even be able to stumble across my old “Band” section for when I had a band back in Leeds. This thing really needs updating!


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